Ribbon Type Mixer Machine

Ribbon Type Mixer Machine

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MTE  Ribbon Type Mixer Machine comprises u-shaped horizontal trough that is equipped with heavy duty shaft having two ribbon in helix shape. These are mounted with support or arms at varied pitch circle diameter. The shape of the ribbon helix is such that when it rotates inside one ribbon pushes the material on side and the other on the opposite direction. Hence, the particles inside the mixers are vigorously stirred to achieve a homogenous mixture. Being a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we design world class Ribbon Type Mixer Machine which can do mixing of materials at much faster rates using minimal power.


  • Large access maintenance doors provided for convenient access to inside of mixer for hassle cleaning and maintenance
  • Pneumatically operated broad drop bottom discharge gate that is self-locking type to ascertain no leakage during operations and complete clean out.
  • Equipped with air-exchange pipe for easy filling and discharge of mixer
  • Assessing doors interlocked with main motor, while opened, will not let the mixer to start